We are hiring!

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Sustainable technologies are the solutions to many of the World’s problems. At 1st Mile, we catalyze the green transition by finding capital for companies and their innovative technologies.

We are now hiring 2-3 new colleagues to help us secure grants for our clients from danish and international funding programs such as EUDP, Innovation Fund and EIC Accelerator.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is able to understand green technologies
  • Is able to understand and develop business cases
  • Masters writing in English
  • Can communicate with top management levels in organization
  • Is politically savvy
  • Can manage complex work processes, often driven by sharp deadlines
  • Understands when to bring skills and capabilities from other members into play

We imagine you:

  • Have some years of experience writing applications for funding programs
  • Are trustworthy and honest
  • Have a strong business acumen
  • Have a proactive approach with a good portion of empathy
  • Are seasoned in managing processes and take decisions
  • Are a team player, who runs the projects assigned to you as well as assist on the projects your team members run

About 1st Mile

1st Mile is located in DTU, Lyngby, and offers jobs in the vanguard of green innovations. We have secured funding for energy and sustainable projects in excess of €200 million since we started in 2007, and thus taken many innovations to the next level. We believe we play an important, and often mission-critical, role in linking new innovations to the market, and thus bringing the good ideas to implementation in real life. We strive to make the World a better place by bringing out and maturing the technologies that are needed to do that.


Reach out to CEO Søren Houmøller at soren@1stmile.dk or +45 40446714 for questions and more information.


Send your application to Søren no later than June 25th. We reserve the freedom to hire attractive candidates at any time, as we are very busy executing projects.

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