In 2023, we raised 200 million DKK in grants for our clients!

Other highlights for 2023 for 1st Mile:

1: 40% of all the grants awarded in June from the Danish EUDP program was for projects that we developed and wrote. The program awarded 213 million DKK in grants – “our” projects took over 80 million of that.

2. We secured a grant from the EU Innovation Fund, the craziest fund out there

3. We expanded the team with new competences, so we now total 10 employees and can truly say that we cover all aspects of even the most demanding and complicated application processes

A grant is always a contribution to the funds provided by the project partners. In total, we created innovation capacity worth more than 600 million DKK.

We did not succeed on everything we wanted, though. Seen over the full year, we came in short on our 16-year long hit rate of 75% success under the EUDP program. That only means we aim for 100% hit rate in 2024!