Meet the team

A highly experienced team covering the whole range of expertise necessary for writing winning applications and managing projects.

Søren is the founder, managing director, and owner of 1st Mile. He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and an EMBA from SIMI and has more than 25 years of experience in value creation within various innovation and development projects.

CEO and Founder

Søren Houmøller

+45 40 44 67 14

Maria is our scientific lead and focuses on the technical parts of the grant applications. Maria divides her time between being a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark and working at 1st Mile. Maria has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and has specialized in environmental science and groundwater quality.

Scientific Lead and Project Manager

Maria Battistel

Olaf is a Senior Project Manager at 1st Mile since 2014 and assists our clients by taking responsibility for administration, financial reporting and stakeholder relations in development projects. Olaf is a chartered accountant and holds an EMBA from SIMI.

Senior Project Manager

Olaf Broby Nielsen

Juliet is a project manager with experience leading a broad range of projects across various programmes. She has a specific focus on (green) impacts, business development, and framing projects in the context of national and international energy and climate policies. Juliet holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.

Project Manager

Juliet Parker

Mads provides project support at all stages of application writing with a specific focus on business development and project management. Mads has experience working with funding applications from Landbrug & Fødevarer. Mads holds an MA in Italian Languages and Culture and a Diploma in Business Administration.

Project Manager

Mads Klinge

Patrick provides project support with a specific focus on the technological and the financial aspects. Patrick has experience working with energy strategies and holds an MSc in Science in Technology-Based Business Development from the Aarhus University and a BA in Engineering in Renewable Energy from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne

Project Manager

Patrick Bujok

Tao is an external advisor providing executive insights to optimize 1st Mile’s services to clients. His expertise focuses on managing and understanding interactions between startups, big enterprises, and venture financing.


Tao Bindslev

Gitte is the PA for Søren Houmøller and is also in charge of the administrative tasks at 1st Mile.

Gitte works on grant applications with quality assurance and proofreading and handles the paperwork for the applications. Gitte holds an MA in International Business Communication.

PA and Office Manager

Gitte Winther

+45 25 32 28 60

Christina is a Legal Counsel at 1st Mile and also works as Compliance Manager for projects funded by various grants. She is a Master of Law LL.M from University of Copenhagen.

Legal Counsel

Christina Bay