Søren Houmøller


Søren is the Founder, Managing Director, and Owner of 1st Mile since 2007, and is backed by more than 20 years of experience in value creation within various innovation and development projects.

Contact Søren

Email: soren@1stmile.dk Phone: +45 40 44 67 14

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Heidi Ann Vorgaard Andersen

Project Lead

Heidi is a project leader at 1stMile, backed by a solid experience assisting a broad range of companies in identifying and developing new business opportunities, establishing successful partnerships and alliances, and writing effective business plans.

Janne Sylvest

Senior Business Developer

Janne has worked as a Senior Business Developer at 1st Mile since 2017 and brings more than 20 years of professional experience in EU enterprise & innovation policy analysis and project management.

Tao Bindslev


Tao is an external advisor providing executive insights to optimize 1st Mile’s services to clients. His expertise focuses on managing and understanding interactions between startups, big enterprises, and venture financing. Tao is an entrepreneur with a background as a corporate executive and venture capitalist and has extensive professional experience in building new ventures and leading global organizations.

Maria Battistel

Project Manager, Scientific Lead

Maria divides her time between being a postdoctoral researcher at the Technical University of Denmark and working as a project manager at 1st Mile. Maria’s focus is on the technical parts of the grant applications.

Maria has a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences and has specialized in environmental science and groundwater quality.


Email: maria@1stmile.dk

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Gitte Winther

PA and office manager

Gitte is in charge of the administrative tasks at 1st Mile. She also works on grant applications with collecting data, quality assurance, and proofreading.

Gitte holds an MA in International Business Communication.


Email: gitte@1stmile.dk

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Ingrid Olivera

Student Assistant

Master’s student in Social Entrepreneurship and Management with experience in the financial and educational area. Ingrid helps with a variety of tasks, including market research, peer review, and website administration.


Email: ingrid@1stmile.dk

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Juliet Parker

Project Manager

Juliet provides project support at all stages of application writing including business development and impact assessments.

Juliet holds an MSc in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen.


Email: juliet@1stmile.dk

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