At 1st Mile, we enable innovative and disruptive projects to secure funding and pave the way towards successful business implementation.

We combine strategy and management consulting expertise to help highly potential projects succeed. By providing an understanding of how business works and how the right technology in the right place can create competitive advantage, we work to empower businesses to chart a new course, unlock new value, and drive transformative results.

Whether you are a start-up with a highly innovative idea or a public organization seeking competitive advantage, or a private owned company striving to implement a new project or are seeking to improve decision-making, we at 1st Mile will help propel your organization forward.

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Søren Houmøller

Founder, Managing Director, and CEO

Søren is the Founder, Managing Director and Owner of 1st Mile since 2007, and is backed by more than 20 years experience in value creation within various innovation and development projects.

Contact Søren

Email: soren@1stmile.dk
Phone: +45 40 44 67 14

Heidi Ann Vorgaard Andersen

Project Lead

Heidi is a project leader at 1stMile, backed by a solid experience assisting a broad range of companies in identifying and developing new business opportunities, establishing successful partnerships and alliances and writing effective business plans.

Janne Sylvest

Senior Business Developer

Janne has worked as a Senior Business Developer at 1st Mile since 2017 and brings more than 20 years of professional experience in EU enterprise & innovation policy analysis and project management.

Tao Bindslev


Tao is an external advisor providing executive insights to optimize 1st Mile’s services to clients. His expertise focuses on managing and understanding interactions between startups, big enterprises, and venture financing.

Giorgia Vezzani

Project Assistant 

Recent graduate in Environmental Resource Management with experience supporting sustainability and innovation compliance tasks, Giorgia is 1st Mile’s new entry and assists with a variety of tasks including technical writing, peer reviewing and market research.


Email: giorgia@1stmile.dk
Phone: +45 60 53 82 56

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