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1st Mile has 15 years of expertise in providing successful grant application services for highly innovative projects – mainly within cleantech. We are proud of our high success rate and to have so far secured funding for more than €250 million for our clients’ projects from Danish and EU programmes.

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1st Mile has been writing applications since 2007, and as we write and submit more than 30 large applications every year, we know how to compile a convincing application.
Our team consists of 9 business development, technology and finance professionals with a deep understanding of how to secure funding.

What our clients have to say

“1st Mile helped us define and describe our project in the format required by EUDP. Now that we have received the EUDP grant, we can accelerate the development of our technology and together with the partners we will be able to make the commercial validation needed for full scale implementation of our technology.”

Anders Bak Kristoffersen

Co-founder and COO, Kvasir Technologies

“At Rope Robotics we are specialists in developing technology for maintenance of wind turbine blades, at 1st Mile they are specialists in constructing great applications for funding. Combining these competencies has been truly successful, and it has been a fantastic experience working with the super professional team at 1st Mile.”

Martin Huus Bjerge

CEO, Rope Robotics ApS

“Engaging with 1stMile singularly contributed to securing national funding toward reducing the cost of green fuels by improving solid-oxide electrolysis performance.”

Søren Højgaard Jensen

Founder and CEO at DynElectro

“Success when applying for the big funding-amount for support is very much dependent on insight knowledge of the framework and best practice. 1st Mile is unique, as they have in-depth experience and high success rate with this type of applications. Without the highly professional and intensive effort by 1st Mile, I do not think that we would have had an approved project today.”

Sune Alstrup Johansen

CEO at The Eye Tribe

“We chose 1st Mile to optimize our EUDP application because they have previously helped many other companies with a high success rate. They quickly entered the project and have been a great help to us. Søren and his talented employees have been an important element in achieving a very satisfactory result.”

Niels Neergaard

Vertical Installer Project Lead & Lead Strategy Advisor, Mærsk Supply Service

“The EUDP grant is a seal of approval for our technology as well as our potential within smart buildings which is one of our core markets. The grant provides us with the opportunity to speed up development of our core products, which will put us further ahead of the competition. We are grateful for the trust that EUDP has shown us with this grant.”

Rolf H. Sprunk-Jansen

CEO at LED iBond International

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