1st Mile 15th Anniversary

It is now 15 years since 1st Mile was born in Søren Houmøller’s living room on a half-thought-out business idea that relentlessly met reality in the form of the financial crisis shortly after.

15 years later, the business model is sharp, and the team of 10 people each year secures funding for innovation, development of new technologies, and commercial upscaling for a significant three-digit million amount from Danish and European development programmes.

We celebrate the day with ultra-short pitches from 10 companies, which we expect will be the background for good networking and dialogue for the afternoon. To be completely sure, we serve something good for the palate, washed down with French single field champagne, Californian wine, and microbrews from Gamma Brewing Company.

We look forward to seeing you.


  • 14.00: Welcome – the bar is open
  • 14.30 – 15.30: 13 pitches
  • 18.00: Thank you for coming

Most of the pitches are now confirmed:

  • Amager Resource Center: Carbon capture on Amager Bakke / Peter Blinksbjerg, program manager
  • Estech: Energy-efficient carbon capture for industry / Anders N. Jensen, CTO
  • Danish Centre for Energy Storage: Balancing supply and demand in the green transition / Anne Marie Damgaard, head of secretariat
  • Hybrid Greentech: How to design your battery storage and define the X in Power-to-X / Rasmus Rode Mosbæk, CEO, ph.d.
  • DynElectro: Converting renewable energy surplus to high-value green fuels / Søren Højgaard Jensen, managing director, professor
  • DTU Science Park: Denmark’s leading community for deep tech companies / Steen Donner, CEO
  • Gamma Brewing Company: Scaling a microbrewery / Jakob Nørby Houmøller, CEO
  • Kvasir: Decarbonizing ships with straw and other sustainable biomass waste sources / Joachim Bachmann Nielsen, CEO
  • Heliac: Refractive solar concentrators for industrial process heat and district heating / Henrik Pranov, CEO, ph.d.
  • Advanced Substrate Technologies: Sustainable substrate production in a circular economy / Svend Hoff, CTO
  • SaltPower: Osmotic clean energy / Mads Clausen, Owner
  • Rope Robotics: Robot-automated wind turbine service / Martin Huus Bjerge, CEO
  • Claviate: Optimizing wind turbine installation processes using a fully AI-powered monitoring camera system / Kasper Kratmann, CEO, ph.d.