Recording from webinar “Fremtidens energiteknologier”

The webinar was hosted by IDA Fremtidsteknologi and can be viewed on their web site.

Søren Houmøller from 1st Mile presented the need for new energy technologies, the complexity of the energy system that guides the need for certain technologies, and presented four examples of technologies already deployed.

The choice of energy technologies to deliver our energy services such as power and heat are driven by a market, where for instance power prices are set every day at noon 24 hours in advance. Thus, finance and economics play a key role in the deployment of new technologies, and the webinar also walks through the costs of different technologies.

Søren Houmøller suggests 7 exciting, new energy technologies by the end of the webinar, including Heliac, who is able to replace natural gas with solar heating for industrial purposes and district heating, and Kvasir, who is developing a process that produces waste-derived fuels for ships without changing the engine or infrastructure.