Weptos is the developer and owner of the Weptos WEC, a high-performing wave energy converter that sets a new standard for sustainable energy solutions. The converter, inspired by Salter’s Duck geometry, is scalable and provides a significant wave potential with the untapped resource offered not only by Denmark’s almost 9,000 km coastline but worldwide.

Since Weptos was founded in 2007, the converter has been developed and the weight significantly reduced to the extent that it today offers the world’s most efficient and cost-effective wave energy converter.

1st Mile’s work with Weptos

As a young startup with a strong technical team, Weptos asked 1st Mile to assist in preparing the grant application for the project of constructing a full-scale 1 MW WEC, equipped with 4.5 m rotors suitable for deployment in e.g. the Danish North Sea, the Mediterranean and Asian regions. Also, a power simulation tool will be developed to offer accurate levelized cost of energy (LCoE) predictions, with data derived from the model testing.

Thanks to a successful collaboration between Weptos and 1st Mile, in 2023, the project was awarded DKK 12 mio. by the EUDP. The total project sum is DKK 20.5 mio. and includes Sigma Energy & Marine, Aalborg University Department of the Built Environment, and Julia F. Chozas Consulting Engineer as partners.

Learn more about the WEC solution by watching the above video.

Check out Weptos’ website by clicking here.