Horizon 2020 SME instrument

Kitemill developed a patented product, which harvests energy from higher ground (500-1500 m) winds using a kite. By harvesting the strong and consistent winds from higher grounds, Kitemill is on track to deliver power at a 60% lower cost than conventional wind solutions. Furthermore, the kite is almost invisible while flying above 500 m creating a minimal visual disturbance. The simple design also creates new possibilities for harvesting wind energy at locations considered infeasible for the traditional wind industry.

With a small test site and a fully autonomous prototype in place, Kitemill’s project aims at upscaling their prototype, to a competitive commercialized product. This will be done by creating a demonstration park and accumulating operation hours, to prove their concept.

1st Mile’s Work with Kitemill

Based on input from Kitemill, 1st Mile put together the successful application and secured Kitemill EUR 2.4 million in funding from Horizon 2020. We at 1st Mile are proud of this addition to our green technology portfolio. Read more about Kitemill here.

The Horizon 2020 SME programme has since been replaced by the EIC Accelerator program under Horizon Europe for 2021-2027.