Founded in 2018, DynElectro is a green energy innovation business specializing in patented solutions to the Power-to-X industry.

1st Mile’s Work with DynElectro

In 2021, 1st Mile helped DynElectro write a successful application for EUDP. Hence, the application resulted in a grant of DKK 8.6 million for the project DynAmmonia (Dynamic Production of Ammonia). The project was a collaboration between Aalborg University, Ramboll, Noreco, Resolvent, PowerCon and Siemens Gamesa.

Project description

The objective of the DynAmmonia project is to demonstrate a new technology for power-to-X that can reduce the cost of green fuels by up to 20%.

DynElectro will use a new operation method to increase the lifetime of the high temperature electrolysis technology. Consequently, a 6-month test will be conducted on a 5 kW SOE (Solid Oxide Electrolysis) stack (see photo) to demonstrate how the operation method can increase the lifetime. Further, the project prepares the consortium for a 1 MW demonstration by developing the required control tools, components, designs and plans.

We will use the results to construct a 1 MW demonstration. The subsequent technology upscaling will pave the way for a 20% reduction in green fuel production. Again, this will accelerate green fuels entering the market.

“Engaging with 1st Mile singularly contributed to securing national funding toward reducing the cost of green fuels by improving solid-oxide electrolysis performance.”