COBOD International


The Danish company COBOD – Construction Of Buildings On Demand – is a world leader in 3D construction printing solutions. COBOD’s 3D printers printed Europe’s first building in 2017.

1st Mile’s Work with Cobod International

For the EUDP call in March 2023, COBOD submitted the project “Extra-large 3D printed wind turbine towers produced on site on demand”, where COBOD together with a number of project partners, will demonstrate that 3D building printing can be used to produce even higher wind turbine towers of between 140-200 meters and a base diameter of up to 20 meters. It is not possible with current technologies to produce wind turbine towers of this size. The project has been awarded a grant from EUDP of DKK 30.50 million. The partners include Holcim Innovation Center, Rambøll, DTU Construct & Wind and Per Aarsleff A/S.

This is COBOD’s second EUDP grant for the development of turbine towers. In a previous EUDP-supported project (2019-2022), 3D building printing has been shown to have the potential to build higher of towers for onshore wind.

Both of COBOD’s successful applications were written by 1st Mile.