Karsten Stryger

Senior Business Developer

Karsten is a Senior Business Developer at 1st Mile, and he has built a career in business and project development for many years.

Karsten has an M.Sc in Business Administration. He has a strong focus on the business and has a strong entrepreneurial mindset. With a broad experience from different industries he has a knack for seeing improvements to business models, securing cash-flow and improving growth potential., primarily high-tech and early start-ups, but also several years in big pharma.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the early stages of new business and has earned a full set of start-up battle-scars. Before getting sucked into the start-up-world Karsten worked in larger institutions like the Danish Navy and  Novo Nordisk(eBusiness and Strategic R&D), but in his heart, he’s just a businessman with a strong urge to develop businesses.

Contact Karsten

Email: karsten@1stmile.dk
Phone: +45 28 40 23 57

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