What is EcoXpac’s project?

EcoXpac’s vision is to replace normal environmentally harmful plastic bottles with their Green Fiber Bottles. The Green Fiber Bottles is 100% biodegradable and uses energy-saving drying technique that would save costs and shorten production cycles of all fiber products.

The project is carried out in collaboration with some strong and resourceful partners among which can be mentioned Technical University of Denmark, Carlsberg, Danish Technological Institute, and BillerudKorsnäs from Sweden.

1st Mile’s Work with EcoXpac

1st Mile has been strongly involved in aiding EcoXpac to receive funding for their innovative Green Fiber Bottle project and has been very successful in helping them secure fundings from multiple funding schemes.

The project has to this day received support from several funds including Horizon 2020, the Danish Market Development Fund, The Danish Innovation fund (InnoBooster), and the Danish Eco-innovation program.

Learn more about EcoXpac on their website by clicking below.

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Nordetect Solution

Nordetect’s Project

Nordetect has developed a new way of testing fertilizer requirements called Smart Sampling Device for soil-based farming and indoor hydroponic farming operations. Their solution combines IoT technology with a simple “lab-on-a-chip” biochemical testing that measures Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) levels. Nordetect’s soil-testing solution can significantly reduce both time and costs while improving agricultural productivity by using an accurate data processing algorhithm.

1st Mile’s Work with Nordetect

1st Mile was contacted by Nordetect in order to seek a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund’s InnoBooster program. As a young startup with a strong technical team, Nordetect has consulted us to build a strong project application for the startup program.

Nordetect’s Smart Sampling Device project has received 450,000 DKK from The Innovation Fund’s InnoBooster program.

Learn more about their solution by watching an interview by Forbes Asia with the CTO Keenan Pinto by clicking here (YouTube).

Check out their company website by clicking here.