Rope Robotics

The company

Rope Robotics has invented and patented the worlds first and only robot for performing all the phases of wind turbine blade leading edge maintenance fast and reliably without having people performing hazard task from ropes. The solution reduces repair and maintenance (O&M) costs and increases the overall safety of the operation. The robot is able to perform the following:

  • Surface area inspection and documentation
  • Sanding, grinding and filling of the area
  • Coating of the area
  • After repair inspection and documentation All this is done while the robot attaches itself to the blade with vacuum, and it is done faster and with less requirements to wind speeds, lightning risks double the available working days to 54%.

The project

The project (due to finish at the beginning of 2021) aims to demonstrate and document to the blade maintenance market that the robot meets the demand for safer and more efficient repairing processes and thus aims to become the new industry standard for wind turbine blade repair.

1st Mile’s Work with Rope Robotics

In 2017, 1st Mile worked in close collaboration with Rope Robotics’ team, particularly with the CEO Hans Lauberg and the CFO Martin Huus Bjerge. 1st Mile wrote the application on the company’s behalf for financial support from Horizon 2020 SME 2’s program. Once Rope Robotics was selected for the interview process, our CEO Søren Houmøller has provided additional consulting for the business pitch.

As a result of this great collaboration, Rope Robotics received funding from Horizon 2020. Through the funding, Rope is able to work on making the transition from their fully functional robot to a feature rich robot with enhanced controls as well as a well defined operational set-up ready for commercialization possible.

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Harvesting strong winds at high altitude – Kitemill the future of wind energy

Kitemill developed a patented product, which harvests energy from higher ground (500-1500 m) winds using a kite. By harvesting the strong and consistent winds from higher grounds, Kitemill is on track to deliver power at a 60% lower cost than conventional wind solutions. Furthermore, the kite is almost invisible while flying above 500 m creating minimal visual disturbance. The simple design also creates new possibilities for harvesting wind energy at locations considered infeasible for the traditional wind industry.

With a small test site and a fully autonomous prototype in place, Kitemill’s project aims at upscaling their prototype, to a competitive commercialized product. This will be done by creating a demonstration park and accumulating operation hours, to proof their concept.

1st Mile’s Work with Kitemill

Based on input from Kitemill, 1st Mile put together the successful application and secured Kitemill 2.4 million € in funding from Horizon 2020. We at 1st Mile is proud of the addition, to our green technology portfolio. Where kitemill will be joining our recent previous successful green tech. cases such as: Dall energy, EcoXpac, Rope Robotics, Heliac, Mubic etc.



What is EcoXpac’s project?

EcoXpac’s vision is to replace normal environmentally harmful plastic bottles with their Green Fiber Bottles. The Green Fiber Bottles is 100% biodegradable and uses energy-saving drying technique that would save costs and shorten production cycles of all fiber products.

The project is carried out in collaboration with some strong and resourceful partners among which can be mentioned Technical University of Denmark, Carlsberg, Danish Technological Institute, and BillerudKorsnäs from Sweden.

1st Mile’s Work with EcoXpac

1st Mile has been strongly involved in aiding EcoXpac to receive funding for their innovative Green Fiber Bottle project and has been very successful in helping them secure fundings from multiple funding schemes.

The project has to this day received support from several funds including Horizon 2020, the Danish Market Development Fund, The Danish Innovation fund (InnoBooster), and the Danish Eco-innovation program.

Learn more about EcoXpac on their website by clicking below.

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