Rope Robotics

What is Rope Robotics’ Project?

Rope Robotics developed a patented robot that can climb offshore wind turbines to repair its wings in a climate-friendly way. Their innovation is expected to reduce repair and maintenance (O&M) costs and time for offshore wind turbines.

This robot is already fully functional and has been tested on onshore wind turbines. Thus, Rope Robotics’ project was aimed to overcome the additional development and logistical challenges associated with maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Furthermore, the project includes demonstration activities focusing on leading edge repair, in order to enable all types of blade repairs.

1st Mile’s Work with Rope Robotics

1st Mile has worked in close collaboration with Rope Robotics team, particularly with the CEO Hans Lauberg and the CFO Martin Huus Bjerge. With their input, 1st Mile wrote the application on the company’s behalf for financial support from Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP subsidy program. Once Rope Robotics was selected for the interview process, our CEO Søren Houmøller has provided additional consulting for the business pitch.

As a result of this great collaboration, Rope Robotics received 16.1 million DKK from EUDP. Furthermore, Rope Robotics case was introduced in EUDP’s official press release in 2018. Click the link below to read EUDP’s official press release (in Danish).

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Also, the Danish broadcasting service TV2 Øst Jylland has written a detailed article about our client’s success. Click below to read the full article (Danish only).

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Mærsk Supply Service


What is Mærsk Supply Service’s Project?

Mærsk Supply Service has developed a concept called ‘Vertical Installer’, which refers to a crane solution for both onshore and offshore wind turbines that could significantly decrease installation costs. This crane solution is aimed to address the industry’s future challenges within installation and logistics of wind turbines to decrease the cost of energy.

The project is an innovative partnership between MHI Vestas Offshore Wind and Mærsk Supply Service. This joint collaboration aims to create synergy between Vestas’ sustainable energy insights and Mærsk Supply Service’s marine and logistics capabilities.

1st Mile’s Work with Mærsk Supply Service

1st Mile became involved with Mærsk Supply Service’s project early in the application preparation process and has successfully helped in securing funding for the project in the first attempt. This success story has been covered by Børsen and is available for reading here.

The Vertical Installer project has received 47 million DKK in funding for the next three years from The Danish Energy Agency’s (Energistyrelsen) Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP).

“We chose 1st Mile to optimize our EUDP application because they have previously helped many other companies with a high success rate. They quickly entered the project and have been a great help to us. Søren and his talented employees have been an important element in achieving a very satisfactory result.”
– Niels Neergaard, Vertical Installer Project Lead & Lead Strategy Advisor at Mærsk Supply Service

Read the official press release for the Vertical Installer project by Mærsk Supply Service below (English).

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