Inmold A/S

inmold polymer hologram films

What is Inmold’s Project?

Inmold is an innovative company founded in 2007 that specializes in micro- and nanostructure surface control in plastics, with a focus on injection molding and extrusion coating. They provide cutting-edge solutions and services in the entire value chain from project planning to design/functionality development and integrated solutions.

The company’s services are based on its core technologies as below:

  • MoldGrfx™ – a nanostructured coating for free-form surfaces in injection molding
  • Holographic foils – nanostructured polymer foils for counterfeit protection of products
  • Technical foils – polymer foils with surface functionality such as self-cleaning and anti-reflection
  • Protein coating – the integration of fully functional proteins in injection molded polymer parts

1st Mile’s Work with Inmold A/S

1st Mile has successfully written an application on behalf of Inmold for EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1.

At the kick-off meeting, 1st Mile has advised that Inmold is a good fit for the program NMP-25-2014 “Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials, or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SMEs”. Their project was focused on a global market analysis targeting the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, and producing the prototype according to identified customer needs.

Throughout the entire application writing process, Inmold and 1st Mile have kept great communications with regards to clarifying and sharpening Inmold’s project goals, business models, the excellence of the innovation and market analysis.

We believe that 1st Mile’s flexible client communication with Inmold based on their needs and specification has contributed to the success of the H2020 application.

Learn more about Inmold’s work in the link below.

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