Airofit has developed a product – the Airofit Breathing Trainer – which has proven to trigger an impressive 4-8% increase in performance for elite athletes ranging from swimming to cycling to cross-fit and there are strong indications for a significant effect on patients suffering from COPD, asthma, as well as for patients who are about to undergo or have already had cardiac surgery.

Starting from the existing Airofit Breathing Trainer device and associated app, Airofit aims to improve its Trainer device targeting patients with different types of respiratory disease.

1st Mile’s Work with Airofit

1st Mile was contacted by Airofit to seek a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund’s InnoBooster program. 1st Mile successfully submitted the application and secured 1.5 mio DKK for the company.

Learn more about their solution by watching an interview with Per Andersen, a Danish physiotherapist who is suffering from COPD. Within weeks Per managed to increase his vital capacity which has greatly improved his quality of life. Click  here (YouTube).

Check out Airofit’s company website by clicking here.

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