Project Financing

Cutting Edge Project Finance Advisory

We get involved at the earliest stages of project development to support our clients in the capital raising process and to ensure implementing an optimal financing package in the context of a limited recourse financing strategy.

We have more than a decade of professional experience in helping businesses and entrepreneurs access public funding. So far, we have enabled projects to access more than 200 million € in grant funding, with a 75% success rate from grant programs such as Horizon 2020The Innovation Fund Grand Solutions (IFGS), and Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP.

We welcome the most innovative and disruptive projects to support business scale-up: new sectors or technologies, new markets or untested contractual frameworks, pioneering projects or the largest to date in their asset class.

Do you have an innovative project or an idea that you’re trying to bring to the market? Or do you already have a business embarking on a new project that needs funding?

Our team is made of former business development, technology and finance professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges related to raising limited recourse project financing in the sectors and markets in which we are active.

What can you expect from 1st Mile?

Besides the application writing, 1st Mile takes care of the following aspects:

  • The Match: ensuring the client´s project fulfils the criteria of the selected funding program.
  • The Timing: managing and structuring the process of collecting the information from the client and writing an application within the deadline.
  • The Team: ensuring the team submitting the application fulfils the funding program criteria.
  • The Communication: managing and ensuring flexible communications between 1st Mile and the client for a fluid workflow towards the deadline.

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