EcoInnovation (MUDP)

The MUDP Program supports the development and application of new environmental and resource-efficient solutions that address environmental challenges.

EcoInnovation, also known as the Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Program (MUDP – Miljøteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprojekt), seeks to ensure a better environment as well as to strengthen green export and job creation.

The program’s ambition is to boost and strengthen cooperation between companies, knowledge-based institutions and partners in the EU within the field of environmental technology.

Based on that ambition, EcoInnovation has several focus subsidy areas which are:

  • Water
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Circular economy and recycling of waste
  • Cleaner air
  • Less noise
  • Fewer hazardous chemicals
  • The industry’s environmental performance
  • Ecological and sustainable construction

This scheme targets Danish private and public companies, stakeholders, and institutions that work with environmental technology. In 2014, about DKK 90 million have been allocated for this purpose, supporting:

  • Development, testing and/or demonstration of environmental technologies
  • Conducting technical feasibility studies prior to the development, testing or demonstration.

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