The Innovation Fund Grand Solutions (IFGS)

The Innovation Fund (Innovationsfonden) invests DKK 5-30 million in large projects that focus on R&D and/or commercialization. These typically involve public-private partnerships with several partners.

Grand Solutions thematic calls, winter 2020

Through the Grand Solutions, the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) wants to invest in ambitious innovation projects that contribute to creating new and tangible solutions for important societal challenges and create value for Denmark. The FORSK2025 catalogue (in Danish) contains the basis and guide-lines for the thematic calls.

The budget this years first three thematic calls in 2020

  • Better Health: Approx. DKK 120 mill.
  • Green Growth: Approx. DKK 150 mill.
  • New Technological Opportunities: Approx. DKK 100 mill.

The main assessment criteria are

  • Quality of science, research and innovation
  • Value creation during and after the project period
  • Efficiency of project execution
  • Implementation of results

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Round of applications second halfyear in 2020

Application deadline, process and response to the application

  • Deadline for application is Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 12:00 CET
  • Selected projects are invited to interviews in November 2020
  • Immediately rejected applications are notified by the end of October 2020
  • Final responses to applications will be given by the end of December 2020, with project start in Q1 2021

Next Application deadline: 18 August 2020 at 12:00 CET

Applicants are advised to carefully study the call texts, guidelines and guides in the application form. See the Guidelines for Grand Solutions 2020 for in-depth details of the assessment criteria.

The allocation of funds is based on the Act on Innovation Fund Denmark, the National Budget 2018, the 2018 Agreement on Allocation of the Research Reserve, FORSK2025, including the listed pointers for the allocation in FORSK2025 and Innovation Fund Denmark’s thematic investment strategies.

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