The Innovation Fund Grand Solutions (IFGS)

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in ambitious and targeted strategic research and innovation projects that create new solutions, technologies and valuable new knowledge. Its purpose is to advance research, development and testing of innovative solutions for the benefit of growth and employment in Denmark as well as to solve societal challenges. IFD therefore invests in projects across the entire value chain, from research to implementation.

Grand Solutions projects are characterised by their high risk profile and focus on ambitious results with high value creation whether in the form of new knowledge, improvement of/or new processes, systems, products or solutions to societal challenges.

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Grand Solutions open call, 2020

  • Deadline for application: Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 12:00 CET
  • Immediately rejected applications are notified by the end of October 2020
  • Selected projects are invited to interviews in November 2020
  • Invitation to investment negotiations: December 2020, with project start in Q1 2021
  • General Funding: DKK 50 mio

Who can apply?

Any legal entity (such as an enterprise, a research institution or a public institution) in or outside Denmark, directly involved in the project activities, is eligible to apply or participate and receive funding from IFD. One of the Danish project participants must act as the applicant organisation, and the project participants must in addition specify the person who, during the application process, acts as contact person between IFD and the project participants.

What language must the application be written in?

All texts in the application form and appendices must be written in English.

What type of support can projects apply for?

Projects can apply solely for funding.

How much funding can projects apply for?

The number and types of project participants vary considerably every year, but IFD’s investments will typically vary from DKK 5-30 mill, for projects usually lasting 2-5 years.

IFD will cover a maximum of 75 % of the project’s total costs and the maximum investment rates for individual participants vary according to the organisation type, whether it is:

  • An enterprise
  • A public institution carrying out non-economic activities
  • A GTS institution carrying/not carrying out economic activities

For a more detailed overview of maximum funding rates, please click here.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Applications for Grand Solutions projects are assessed on the basis of the following four main criteria

  • Excellence – Quality of research and innovation
  • Value creation
  • Efficiency of project execution
  • Implementation of results

The application form is designed so that applicants are required to specifically address each of the above criteria in separate fields in the application.

How long does the application processing time last?

  • Deadline for application: Tuesday, 18 August 2020, 12:00 CET
  • Immediately rejected applications are notified by the end of October 2020
  • Selected projects are invited to interviews in November 2020
  • Invitation to investment negotiations: December 2020, with project start in Q1 2021

What is required in the Application and how can I apply?

The application consists of an electronic application form completed in the e-grant application system (

The following appendices must be attached to the electronic form:

The application must have an official title (max. 180 characters incl. spaces) briefly describing the activity. Furthermore, an appropriate, short acronym must be listed.

What happens if the project is granted funding?

Once a project is granted funding, to receive investment from IFD, project participants and IFD must sign an investment agreement for the project no later than 60 days after the written invitation to the Investment Agreement negotiations. Together with an investment agreement comes also a collaboration agreement, where participants decide how to use background and foreground knowledge, distribution of the project results, who will gain access to the project results and rules for publication and other publications of data, the process for project participants leaving or entering the project etc.

The project must start no later than 60 days after the investment agreement has been signed by all parties. IFD can demand reimbursement of part of the investment if the agreed conditions are not complied with.

Are winning projects required to provide reports?

IFD will engage in proactive interaction with the project for all of its duration. Specifically, IFD usually appoints one or more Investment Manager(s) to safeguard its interests in the project, and requires that the project undertakes thorough reviews in the project period, typically once a year.

IFD requires the right to obtain information about results and effects for a period of five years after the termination of the project, so that projects documenting expecially promising results will be invited to apply for new funding.. In addition, IFD has the right to terminate projects, which are deemed to have made insufficient progress or considered futile, or are unable to meet the goals on which IFD based its investment in the project.

Can a project be resubmitted if it is unsuccessful?

Yes, projects can be resubmitted.

Can 1st Mile help me with the application process?

Yes, 1st Mile has a long-dated expertise in submitting winning applications to the Grand Solution call by Innovation Fund.

1st Mile doesn’t have strict criteria in selecting projects eligible for funding, i.e. size, number of employees, stage of development, turnover, number of previous attempts in getting the funding. Instead, 1st Mile individually assesses the project and its participants, always keeping in mind the ability of the company to deliver information/input for the application. The more the company is able to deliver the technical input required, the easier it will be for 1st Mile to get the required information for applying.

How much of my time does 1st Mile require to apply for an IFGS call?

When 1st Mile and the applying company start a collaboration, the applying company should consider 1-2 working weeks of commitment. This is the time needed to get all the requested input, prepare company CVs, gather partners, have meetings. 1stMile’s time commitment depends a lot on the company; the easier it is to gather the information, the least time is required to finish an application.