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1st Mile catalyzes the green transition by finding capital for companies and their innovative technologies. We are looking for 2-3 new business developers to develop and write business strategies for our clients.

Sustainable technologies are the solutions to many of the World’s problems, and the green transition calls for sharp business strategies to build environmentally as well as commercially sustainable businesses. Since 2007, 1st Mile has built business cases and found funding for them and with the world going greener, we need new colleagues for our already strong and competent team.

The ideal candidate knows how to write a business plan and to develop it with our clients and the rest of the team, but also how to manage the process towards the finished deliverable, which is most often an application for funding programs such as EUDP, Innovation Fund Denmark and EIC Accelerator.

You need to excel in most of these fields:

  • Able to understand green technologies
  • Understand and develop business cases
  • Master writing in English
  • Communicate with top management levels in organization
  • Politically savvy
  • Manage complex processes, often driven by sharp deadlines
  • Understand when to bring skills and capabilities from other members into play

We imagine this is your profile::

  • Some years of experience writing applications for funding programs
  • Trustworthy and honest
  • Strong business acumen
  • Proactive approach with a good portion of empathy
  • Seasoned in managing processes and take decisions
  • A team player, who runs the projects assigned to you as well as assist on the projects your team members run

About 1st Mile

1st Mile offers jobs in the vanguard of green innovations. We have secured funding for energy and sustainable projects in excess of €200 million since we started in 2007, and thus taken many innovations to the next level. We believe we play an important, and often mission-critical, role in linking new innovations to the market, and thus bringing the good ideas to fruitful implementation in real life. We strive to make the World a better place by bringing out and maturing the technologies that are needed to do that.


Reach out to CEO Søren Houmøller at soren@1stmile.dk or +45 40446714 for questions and more information.

EUDP call sets at least DKK 467 mio for 2021 call

On May 6th, the Ansøgningsfrist took place for applications to ERA-Net SES and EUDP. The presentation revealed the main funding pools and deadlines for the 2021 EUDP calls.

The next EUDP upcoming deadline for Danish companies looking for capital is September 3d 2021.

The general pool is composed of at least DKK 467 mio, of which DKK 100 million will be devoted to Carbon Capture and Storage technologies, as well as PtX. 4 additional special pools, have been created, of which for now only the first two have been unveiled.

The first Special Pool is Power-to-X, for which DKK 16.5 million will be made available. The EUDP invites projects that focus on the development and demonstration of technologies necessary to enable the refinement of hydrogen into “X” products to apply here. The second group is CO2 storage in the North Sea with total funding of DKK 197 million.

In 2020, EUDP had a General Funding of DKK 250 million, an amount which has more than doubled for the September 2021 call. This is a record amount for the EUDP, which is targeting more than ever the need for green solutions. Two additional special pools will be announced in mid-June. 

The Board has established a new strategy for EUDP towards 2030. The strategy places special focus on 8 areas that reflect the challenges we face as a society in the coming period. These areas are largely in line with the challenges the EU and other regions are facing in the fight against global warming. 

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Three tips to write a winning application

Writing, submitting and obtaining grants for your organization can be a challenging and stressful experience. Especially at the beginning, several topics need to be addressed: where to start, which narrative to use and how to convey the importance of a project or idea that you passionately believe in.

In this article, we give you three good tips to improve your application and increase the chance of a successful application. Ready?

1. Are you the right fit?

Make sure you understand the agency grant program and check your eligibility. Read the call for proposals carefully and make sure your idea and/or your project fit the selection criteria. Compromising to fit a fund is not advised, whereas looking for potential funders who value what you want to achieve should be your goal.

Good planning and a clear understanding of your project beforehand will increase the chance of finding a matching fund and writing a winning application.

2. Which story are you going to tell?

Once you have picked the fund, make sure you know which story to tell before you start writing the application. Funders want to know that the money they give to projects will make a change in people’s lives. They need to understand the impact of the technology you describe. Solid data of course helps – but having a story and being able to tell it in a captivating, engaging and simple way can make a difference.

In short, your application should clearly tell your story in a consistent and easy to follow way. On top of that, it should be measured and translated into a measurable project plan with measurable success criteria.

3. Ask someone else to read your work

Having a fresh pair of eyes read your work and suggest some changes is a must. Towards the end of your application writing, set aside 24-48h to give others the chance to read through the application and give you feedback. This process will hardly be useless.

1st Mile provides consulting services for successful grant application since 2007. So far, we have helped fund more than 200 million euros for our clients’ highly innovative projects, both in Denmark and in the EU.

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