What Happens Next?

After final submission of your application, a little more work is needed to prepare for the next step in the project.

Application is approved or granted

If the application is approved, depending on the selected funding program, the following matters must be taken care of:

  • The specifics of the letter of grant such as partner committment, finances and work packages.
  • The general conditions of the program e.g. salary calculations, reporting methods, and intellectual property management.
  • Signing and returning the acceptance contract to the grant authorities.
  • Starting the process of preparing a consortium agreement between all project partners that includes internal obligations regarding economy and intellectual property rights (IPR).

Application is rejected: What’s next?

If the application is rejected, the first step is to carefully evaluate the reason behind the rejection and whether the proposal should be resubmitted.

In some cases, the reason might be a misunderstanding or lack of information by the funding programs. It is also often the case that the project is favourably evaluated, but the program does simply not have sufficient budget to fund all the projects they believe have potential. Such cases are defined as a “soft” rejection, so the project gets awarded in the following funding round with some minor changes incorporated.

If you have tried applying on your own and was rejected, you can also contact us for our perspective on the grounds for rejection and future funding potential.

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