Getting Started

There are many public fundings out there, but there are always strong competitions. Before choosing a grant to apply, a thorough assessment of your project is crucial.

Is your project ready enough to apply for a funding?

Before you choose a grant to apply for, it is essential to know whether you have the right resources and plan to execute your project. When you first get in contact with us, we first screen your project idea to see if it is feasible and whether it has a good potential for funding.

Once we decide to move forward with your project idea, you will get a quotation for the application writing and other consulting you may need for a successful project application.

What do you get?

When you work with us for a grant application, you are getting more than just a thoroughly designed application draft. Depending on your project and organizational needs, we can provide:

  • Putting together the right consortium
  • Matching with the right grant program
  • Managing the application process and meeting formalities
  • Finalizing application and additional tips
  • Flexibility right until the deadline

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