Copenvirk – EU funding for business development

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Are you looking for 4 -15 million DKK to accelerate your business development and become the first-mover with new technology? CopenVirk – a project by the Greater Copenhagen EU Office (GCPHEU) – is a free public service to help you get started. 1st Mile has been chosen as one of the consultancy firms to help companies identify and apply for relevant EU funding opportunities.

Since CopenVirk started in 2015, the GCPHEU has helped more than 150 companies start a process of applying for EU support and more than 30% of the application were approved, leading to more than 300 million DKK in EU- support to these companies. The EU can fund approx. 70% of the cost of projects is on researching new technologies, developing a prototype, or demonstrating a prototype.

To have a good chance in the tough competition for funds, the product must be new to the world and have a very high commercial potential.

The free CopenVirk service includes:

  • Identification of the EU program fitting your development needs best
  • Guidance on how ambitious the project has to be to get funded
  • Validation of the chances to get EU funding
  • Preparation of a project outline on 2-3 pages
  • Secure a Danish subsidy for the writing process (if possible) CopenVirk is financed by municipalities in Eastern Denmark and lead by GCPHEU. The service is brought to you in cooperation with the regional business hubs and local business promoters.

1. Objective guidance in EU funding by GCPHEU – 30 minutes on the phone
2. Validation of EU program match and guidance on the application with a private consultancy – meeting at the company for 1 hour.
3. Follow-up on the project and application by the private consultancy via e- mail
4. After the CopenVirk service has ended, the company will have to write the application for EU funding or pay a consultant to do it.

GCPHEU represents the Capital Region of Denmark, Zealand Denmark, the 46 municipalities in the regions, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, and Roskilde University. IT works to engage and assist public and private actors in the Capital Region and Region Zealand in obtaining EU support.

GCPHEU launched its corporate service called CopenVirk on 1 July 2015 with the aim of creating more and better applications from companies in the Capital Region in order to attract more EU funds to companies. Following the merger between Copenhagen EU Office and Zealand Denmark EU Office, which entered into force on 1 January 2019, CopenVirk has also covered companies in Region Zealand. This tender thus builds on an existing service with the focus on doing more for companies that would not otherwise have applied for EU support, while the service supports the largest possible repatriation of EU funds to companies in all 46 municipalities in Eastern Denmark. , which finances the business service.

For more information read here or reach out to our Project Lead, Heidi Ann Vorgaard Andersen, at