1st Mile chosen by Industriens Fond to support Danish SME in the fight against Covid-19 consequences

Danish business is hit hard these days. Growth and start-up companies still need capital from investors (business angels, Growth Fund, venture funds, public support programs, etc.) to finance their development towards the market. An estimated 2/3 of investors are out of the market as a result of the Covid-19 related crisis, and there is an urgent need to match these startups to the investors currently available and to develop new investment strategies for the next 12-18 months.

genstartNU.dk is an initiative launched by the Industriens Fond to assist SME in Denmark during the corona pandemic, by allocating DKK 150 mio to support companies in different areas such as digitization, sales, production, supply chains, exports, cost adjustment, innovation and business development. IF has teamed up with Dansk Erhverv and Dansk Industri, who support the initiative by helping to reach out to companies quickly.

1st Mile is happy to announce that it was selected by Industriens Fund to use its long-dated expertise in project financing to help SME Danish looking for funding and investors for business development.

“ As a first step, a consultancy team is immediately launched, with experienced consultants from the consulting industry. The consultants can provide strategic assistance to companies that need to find new avenues for revenue. For example, it may be about changes in the production and development of their business model. It is important that we look ahead so that the Danish business community stays competitive” – Lars Sandahl Sørensen, CEO of Dans Industri, one of Industriens Fond’s partners

For 1st Mile this is an important opportunity to help raise capital for Danish companies and start-ups that would otherwise have died as a result of the Corona crisis’s impact on investors. The selected companies will be presented with a clear picture of their opportunities among sources such as business angels networks, venture funds, lend and crowdfunding and support programs such as Innobooster and the EU’s Horizon 2020 SME program.

Are you looking for funding and have had a hard time recently due to the corona pandemic? We can help! Contact project lead Heidi Ann Vorgaard Andersen at heidi@1stmile.dk