Another success for 1st Mile: LED iBond awarded a grant of DKK 6.1 million for development of smart lighting

The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), managed by the Danish Energy Agency, awarded a total grant of DKK 9.6 million to LED iBond International’s project ”LED Light as IoT infrastructure for buildings and industrial applications

Hard work always pays off. 1st Mile is proud to announce that on June 17th 2020, following its successful application, LED iBond will receive DKK 6.1 million over a period of two years, while the other projects partners will receive a total of DKK 3.5 million.

The project is centered around LED iBond’s flagship product Tracy®, which will serve as the base for a new smart LED infrastructure system for the green and smart buildings of the future. The project will include the development of an open source development kit for IoT device manufacturers, enabling them to use the Tracy® technology as infrastructure for their products. LED iBond expects that the project will expand the application potential of Tracy® significantly.

The EUDP grant is a seal of approval for our technology as well as our potential within smart buildings which is one of our core markets. The grant provides us with the opportunity to speed up development of our core products, which will put us further ahead of the competition. We are grateful for the trust that EUDP has shown us with this grant” says Rolf H. Sprunk-Jansen, CEO of LED iBond International.

This is only the latest of 1st Mile’s history of successful applications. So far, we have enabled projects to access more than 200 million € in grant funding, with a 75% success rate from grant programs such as Horizon 2020The Innovation Fund Grand Solutions (IFGS), and Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP.