SCF Technologies

SCF Technologies A / S has developed a technology for converting waste and residues to oil. This allows waste and residues to be disposed of in an intelligent manner, while producing a green oil which can help reduce CO2 emissions through energy production and transportation. The oil can be readily used in existing plants producing environmentally friendly electricity and heat, or it may be re-refined into green transport fuel.

1st Mile has assisted SCF Technologies in two stages.

First we made a strategic analysis to put management in a position to make crucial decisions about how technology could best be commercialized.

1st Mile conducted a series of assessments and calculations and identified potential business models for SCF Technologies. This has contributed to the decision by SCF Technologies to now primarily target the use of their technology to the energy field.

Second, we have found funding for the demonstration of SCFs technology on a large scale. A full-scale facility is needed to demonstrate to possible customers that the technology is viable, but the investment amounts to hundreds of millions.

Therefore, 1st Mile was hired to find a suitable strategy to reduce the financial risk for SCF. The choice fell on a two-step process aimed at the EUDP program (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program), where the first step was a detailed preliminary project.

1st Mile wrote the application, which gave SCF 9 million DKK in support for this project.

Following this, SCF has recently secured further support of 40 million DKK for the second step, which is the actual building of the plant.