Nordic Energy Group


Nordic Energy Group has learned that the main reason that homeowners do not accept solar collectors is aesthetics: They will not accept a flat box smacked on the roof. Therefore, Nordic Energy Group devised and patented a new type of solar collector, which is integrated in the roof. The uniqueness of the roof integrated collector is that the transmission layer follows the shape of the roofing material.

But as no customers want to buy an untested technology, Nordic Energy Group must develop, demonstrate and test a number roof integrated solar panels to reach the market and came to 1st Mile to find a solution.

The solution:

Based on the information from Nordic Energy Group 1st Mile concluded that development and testing of the new type of solar collector could obtain support from the Danish EUDP program (Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program). Søren Houmøller from 1st Mile knows the program well and has previously evaluated approximately 75 applications for the program as an external expert to EUDP Secretariat.

Through meetings, phone calls and email correspondence 1st Mile received detailed information about the technology and development needs from Nordic Energy Group and wrote on the basis of a draft application, which was then sent to Nordic Energy Group.

The application was submitted to EUDP program in September 2009.


After treatment by EUDP Nordic Energy Group received funding for the project just before Christmas 2009.

With the project, it is possible to develop and test the new solar collector types, so Danish and international customers can see the technology in safe operation. Furthermore, Nordic Energy Group achieves a deep understanding of the solar collector efficiency and performance, which will be used as evidence.


"In Nordic Energy Group, we work on developing new energy solutions. The many solutions involving widespread development and a strong need for documentation is why we sought means of obtaining support from the various programs created to help Danish companies to commercialize new products.
In this connection, we got a recommendation to contact Søren Houmøller who has great knowledge about the various programs. We had a very well structured process, where we through meetings and correspondence informed Søren Houmøller about our ideas.
Søren Houmøller then drafted an application for the EUDP program. This draft was worked through during conversations between us, after which the final version was prepared. It is a comprehensive work that lies in an EUDP application, so the assistance by Søren Houmøller has been the reason that that we came through the eye of the needle and got a large grant from EUDP to the continuing work to develop and commercialized our roof integrated collectors.
I can only encourage other potential EUDP applicants to consult with Søren Houmøller who has shown great professionalism in his work and have an extensive knowledge of the various support facilities."

Flemming Lund, Managing Director, Nordic Energy Group