The focus for EcoXpac is to replace plastic bottles with Green Fibre bottle. Disposable bottles made of plastic is a growing threat to our environment. 50 billion water bottles consumed each year, and 80% of all plastic bottles end up in landfills. EcoXpac have found a way to make it possible to replace all kinds of biodegradable plastic products with fiber products.

EcoXpac has a very ambitious plan for the development and used 1st Mile to secure funding from different funding programs, including Horizon 2020 and Innovation Fund Denmark.

EcoXpac owns a technology to produce a 100% biodegradable bottle - Green Fibre bottle.The fiber material is not new in itself, but so far it has not been possible for packaging manufacturers to produce a bottle at a competitive price, mainly because of an extremely energy-consuming and complicated drying process, long production cycle.

EcoXpac owns the rights to an energy-saving impulse drying technique which will make it possible to replace all kinds of plastic products with biodegradable fiber products.

The Commission received 2,666 proposals and awarded 155 projects. 4 of these were from Denmark and 1st Mile wrote 2 of them.