Abeo A/S

Abeo is a young company with strong competencies in super-light concrete structures. In 2011, the company turned to 1st Mile because it wanted to develop and test a new so-called pearl-chain concept for the design of exemplary highway bridges. 1st Mile helped to forge the right partners for the project and write the application to the Advanced Technology Foundation. The result was a commitment of support for 9.9 million DKK for the three-year project with a total budget of 18.6 million.
Since Abeo contacted 1st Mile, it was with the desire to get assistance to formulate an application for EUDP program. After understanding the technology and Abeos goals, we recommended instead Abeo to apply to the Advanced Technology Foundation.
At Abeo you know much about super-light concrete structures, and with this knowledge, the company wanted to the development of a new bridge concept. For example, when a highway bridge is to be built, it often takes a long time, and construction can be a great nuisance to the affected traffic. Based on Abeo’s expertise and patents, respectively lightweight concrete and in particular the pearl-chain reinforcement the company could see the opportunities in the development of a bridge concept, where a concrete bridge could be raised quickly and with as little inconvenience to the parties who would be affected by the construction work.
Abeos patented Super Light Structures (SLS) is concrete, which is constructed with a core of strong concrete surrounded by lightweight concrete. This particular construction method provides the easiest - and at the same time very durable - elements. Pearl-chain reinforcement for bridge structure consists of SLS elements of different shapes drawn on a line, then the "pearl chain" lifted into place. This means that a large part of the construction work was carried out, even when the bridge reaches its destination. This concept is expected to revolutionize the traditional bridge building, where the design process is often significantly longer because of on-site casting.
Research and DTU calculations have illustrated that Abeo with SLS and pearl-chain reinforcement will differ from traditional construction methods by providing the opportunity to build bridges in significantly less time, and with improved durability. At the same time it is expected that construction technique will lead to savings of up to 50% on materials, energy and CO2. This will result in a halving of the final cost of the bridge itself and the possibility of new architectural expression.
The project achieves to lift Abeo both technologically as well as commercially by achieving both technological advantages that were not possible without the project, and also a faster route to market through cooperation in the project. The consortium behind the project is in addition to Abeo DTU Byg, Grontmij, Skandinavisk Spændbeton and Perstrup Beton Industri.


"We saw that 1st Mile was a highly competent and committed partner who managed to lift a great job for us in the drafting of the application. Additionally 1st Mile rendered formidable guidance in the structuring of the optimal project, which we all in the consortium after project start continues enjoy."

Peter Hertz, COO, Abeo