Unibio A / S wins award at EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

UniBio A/S wins EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015

The Danish biotech company Unibio A / S has won the Life Sciences category at EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015.

It is UniBio's ability to combine the need to reduce CO2 emissions in a time of constantly increasing need for food and the development of a business with significant global potential that has guarantees the company the distinguished price.

1st Mile has helped Unibio A / S to secure financing for the project through the Innovation Fund.

Good example of Danish biotech

The category of Life Sciences includes commercial and science-based companies that with modern biotechnology develop products and services aimed at human and animal health, productivity in agriculture, food processing, renewable energy, industrial production and the development of sustainable solutions for the environment.

"Unibio is a good example in Danish biotech; A company that grows based on a unique idea in an area where Denmark is already acclaimed to be one of the leading countries in the world and where investors are likely to get a reasonable return" says Christian S. Johansen, partner of EY and Life Science Sector Leader.

Unibio has within the motto "Turning fuel into food, not food into fuel" developed an efficient way to convert natural gas and methane gas into a highly concentrated protein product. By converting methane into protein a significant CO2 reduction is obtained as the methane gas, which is a waste product usually just burnes in the atmosphere. When the protein is used as animal feed for example for pigs it replaces soy and fish meal. In this way large amounts of agricultural land are released for growing food to a growing world population and overfishing of the oceans can be reduced.

The jury emphasized that the company's and the contractor's ability to see the possibility to combine global issues such as the reduction of CO2 emissions and a constantly increasing need for food into a business.

At the end of 2017 Unibio  expects to begin the first full-scale plants abroad and Unibio will together with it's partners COWI and GEA Process Engineering help increase the export of Danish biotech and create jobs in the third world countries.

At 1st Mile, we are very proud that one of the projects that we have found financing for, has brought our customer so far that they can win a prize as Entrepreneur of the Year....