Horizon 2020 phase 2-project for Amminex

With the help of 1st Mile Amminex has secured 1.9 million Euro over two years from the EU's Horizon 2020 program. The project will demonstrate that Amminex can reduce vehicle emissions to super-low levels.

The project aims to develop and demonstrate that Amminex's existing ASDS ™ technology and components for buses and trucks can also be used in small and medium-sized engines for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vans.

The overall focus will be on documenting the savings in fuel, CO2 and NO2 reductions in current and future legislation in the area - both in laboratory environment and in real driving in the road.

The technology has already been tested and with good results in buses and the goal is to develop and optimize the technology of "retrofit" to "first-fit" solutions for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. At the same time it will show potential fuel savings compared with AdBlue, the conventional NOx reduction technologies and demonstrate full compliance with the forthcoming RDE- and Euro 6c standards that will be implemented in 2017/18.

Horizon 2020 support for small business

One of the specific purposes stated in Horizon 2020 is to finance research that leads to new transport technologies that can meet the stringent Euro 6 limits under real driving conditions and also complies with future legislation for CO2 emissions. The longer term vision is to establish a "super-low emission vehicle standard" with emissions that are ambitiously lower than the current Euro 6.

Amminex has received financing through a so-called SME (Small Medium Enterprise), which meets less innovative companies in need of funding for product development.