Tips and tricks

Almost all funding programs search for innovation height, impact and ability to implement. In other words: A project must be present something new, it must have significant impacts, and you as applicant must be able to execute and follow through.

Four dimensions to consider

  1. Technology and Innovation - the project must have innovation height and / or clear demonstration needs.
  2. Market potential - the project must cater to an obvious international market potential and have a convincing plan for how you get a share of this market. Be realistic.
  3. Project organization - it is important that you have the right partners in the project and that all partners have a clear role in the project. It is also important that there is the right balance between the professional competencies such as research, market and management.
  4. Project plan - a detailed project plan must be prepared, including a project budget that includes the estimated costs for each partner. It is essential that the project is structured from the start with distinct work packages and subtasks with detailed content and specific targets. You will benefit from this work when the project starts up.

What to include in your application?

  • Be focused, precise and ambitious
  • Tell what you can today and what you hope to achieve with this project
  • Describe and assess the business potential, not only in general, but also your potential slice of the pie if successful
  • Demonstrate qualified project management.