The Market Development Fund


The Market Development Fund provides grants for innovative products / services in areas with special strengths and potentials. You can apply for a grant to test whether your prototype or service performance will work in a realistic environment with potential customers and adaptation of the prototype so that the solution's commercial opportunities in the market is strengthened.

Please note that Market Development Fund does not provide grants for projects related to research, demonstration and development of pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine or financial services.

Who can apply?

The Market Development Fund operates with five criteria, and if your company and idea performs well on most of these criteria, then we can help you get funding.

1. News value in the form of innovative products / services that differ from existing products / services in the global market.
2. Marked and business model. Products / services must have great commercial potential that can be achieved and that can create good business.
3. Kompetences and relevant cooperation circle. The project must have the relevant skills and partners in proportion to develop, test, produce and commercialize the new products / services.
4. Growth and employment effects. The commercialization of the products / services, receive grants, should help to create the largest possible growth and employment in the private sector through a clear growth strategy.
5. Promoting impact. Funding must initiate economic activities, which would not be achieved without granding. For large companies it is stressed that the possibilities of implementing the project with and without funding has been analyzed and documented, so that a significant increase in the project size / scope or significantly accelerate the implementation of the project.


  • Total pool in 2017 DKK 25 million.

The amount granted depends on the size and cooperation circle. The total project budget must be at least DKK 3 million.

Application deadline:

  • 13 October 2017

Previous applications:

1st Mile has written successful applications for the Marketing Development Fund, including Achoo APS, who through their "Influencer Platform", which is a marketing tool, collects and analyzes the activity of 'influencer channels' as blogs, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Project Budget DKK 7.5 million.

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