The Danish Maritime Fund


The purpose of the Danish Maritime Fund is to strengthen and develop the Danish shipping and shipbuilding industry in order to create new jobs and strengthen the industry. 

This is done through financial support for research, technology and product development, training, recruitment and other types of initiatives with a maritime focus.   

There is no set detailed of criteria for the types of activities the Fund wants to support, but the fund looks at applications that are innovative, forward-looking and business oriented. I.e. projects that develop the skills and competitiveness of the Danish maritime sector.  


  • April 20th 2018
  • August 17th 2018
  • October 23rd 2018

The board looks for grants that can accrue business-related activities, which will strengthen the industry's growth and contribute to employment creation.

Would you like us to match your idea with a program? Then click here and fill out our contact formula OR call us on +45 40446714.

Next deadline: 
20 Apr 2018
Application frequence: 
4 times yearly