Application process

We always take the time to assess how well your project matches a possible funding program, as our goal is to ensure you the funding.

Once you have chosen to cooperate with 1st Mile we approach the application process in an efficient, flexible and professional manner.

After a start-up meeting you send us relevant materials such as technology descriptions, business plans etc. Then we can begin the writing process. During the writing phase we will coordinate through meetings, mails and telephone.

How do we secure an ambitious and well-written application?

• Screening for probability of success
• Matching your project idea with the right program
• Asking critical questions about your business case
• Putting together the right partnership
• Managing the entire application process and write an application that meets the criteria of the program
• Structuring the optimal project that you will benefit from after project start
• Establishing an optimal budget and milestone plan
• Securing commitment from all the partners.

We have the resources and the professional skills - also when we are close to deadline.

Call Søren Houmøller at +45 40 44 67 14 or write to him here if you would like to hear more.