The 1st Mile

1st Mile is a professional team with strong experience within project funding, business development and project management.

Our clients are public and private actors, big and small, whose main challenge is to get the good idea brought to market.

The first part of such a journey is often to test the idea or koncept, find the right partners, developed the business idea and found some financing for it. That is why we call ourselves 1st Mile.

We can assist you in:

  • Writing your funding application for public funding programs, so that you get your idea funded
  • Manage and administrate your innovation and development project
  • Develop business plans and strategies

Much more than funding:

At 1st Mile we want to make the World a better place.

Our contribution is to get the good ideas out into the real World and we run around with our hands in the air every time we secure financing for a project - be it optimising the output from wind turbines, new ways to cure cancer, bottles made from recycles paper or energi savings. We work to create value in all the projects we engage in. When we think value we think economically, environmentally and societal.

Would you like us to match your idea with a program? Then click here and fill out our contact formula OR call us on +45 40446714.